WordPress plugin, any thoughts?

We’ve had quite a few requests for a WordPress plugin that works with ProofBuddy. And it is on our wish list. Catch is the requests have always been for a WP plugin without much else.

So the question for today is, if there were a WordPress plugin that interacted with ProofBuddy, what would you want it to do?

Here are my thoughts, roughly in order of likelihood. Let me know what you think in the comments if this is close to what you would like to see.

Shortcode for WP pages / posts
This is what I’m guessing most of the requests were after. Basically some way to insert a gallery from ProofBuddy in to a WordPress post. Maybe something along the lines of [ pbGallery passcode=123 ] that would pull a gallery out of the ProofBuddy database and insert it into a WordPress post.

Done correctly, this would allow you to basically wrap ProofBuddy inside of your WordPress theme and your visitors may not even have to know they’re using ProofBuddy.

Dashboard widget
Possibly a dashboard widget for WordPress that displayed info about your ProofBuddy albums when you login to wp-admin. Something similar to what’s in the ProofBuddy dashboard already where you could see sales, image counts, that sort of thing.

Insert Image
Some sort of interface that would let you insert an image that you’ve already loaded in to ProofBuddy without having to upload again.

Not sure how this one would work though.

Your thoughts?
Most of the really great features that have made their way in to ProofBuddy have started as a request from a user. Y’all are the ones using ProofBuddy every day with your clients and know all of those little nit picks that could make it better, and we truly appreciate any input you may have. 

11 thoughts on “WordPress plugin, any thoughts?

  1. I have a WordPress powered site, and have been searching for a plug-in to do something just like this. I had my website coded and designed and the plug-in would allow me to carry the look right over so the whole experience is seamless. I, like Stacey, found Proof-Press and was very excited but they seem to have disappeared completely.

    What I am looking for is mostly what you’ve described. Something that I can “install” from my WP dashboard, that would give me full menu system with options and control right from the dashboard. I have been demoing a plug-in called “imagestore”, if you would like an example of the sort of thing I’m looking for.

    A few things that would be crucial to me:

    1) The ability to have a gallery set up for album proofing only, so the client can make “selects” at no charge with their choices getting appearing in a dashboard menu.

    2) A lightbox type experience, so the thumbnails enlarge. But they need to be able to add to cart from the lightbox – the plugin I have been testing only allows that from the thumbnail view, which is not very helpful.

    3) Client log-in, so I can make galleries private and have a link to a log-in screen with username and password.

    4) Easy integration with various payment methods like PayPal.

    I haven’t checked out ProofBuddy yet or the dashboard, so you may have most of these implemented already. But I am trying to keep my site as simply for myself as possible, so keeping everything inside WP is my preferred option.

    • A full admin interface for ProofBuddy inside of the WordPress admin probably will not happen. There’s just too many pages, and too much duplication. I don’t see a way that a program as complicated as ProofBuddy inside a program as complicated as WordPress would work well.

  2. I currently use wordpress and have implemented your software to have the same look and feel as my wordpress site. It works real well…

    There are so many things I really like about your program but it’s not a perfect fit for me. I have been shopping for several months and have even started using some proofing areas offered by a few labs to try and find one more useable for me.

    Right now, I use wordpress with a few separate plugins that allows me to schedule appointments and collect the sitting fees… send follow up emails and followup on leads and administer all this from the wp-admin area

    I would love to have this plugin at least do the appointments side of this for me

    The big thing that keeps me from buying this (full version) is it’s not open source. So I can’t make changes directly to the code if i need it to work with other scripts I am using. If this worked with wordpress I think that would be a huge plus help with some of that…

    • ProofBuddy isn’t, and probably will never be, open source in that it is licensed to where you can do whatever you want with the code. That said, it’s likely that version 2.1 will be mostly unencoded. The more we looked at it, the less sense encoding the entire code base makes.

  3. I’d LOVE the shortcode and also the ability to combine the wordpress and proofbuddy photos in the same database or the ability to access the proofbuddy photos from wordpress.

  4. Looks like the shortcode is going to be fairly easy to work out. In fact, if you go to the WordPress plugin site and look for an iframe plugin you can pretty much do it now.

    But I am working on a WordPress plugin that will allow you to wrap your ProofBuddy site in a WordPress page. It’ll probably include a new theme that’s very, very basic without any type of visible header or footer to not take away from your WordPress theme.

  5. Oh my goodness!! If this happened, I’d totally pay for the upgrade. I do mostly in person and so am only using the free version for the little bit of online stuff I need. Then I got all excited about ProofPress, which seems to have died a quiet death. If you could do what they couldn’t, I would be throwing cash at you!

  6. I was just searching for a wp plugin for this :)
    For me, it would be a way to have the full system held within wordpress (utilizing my wp header and footer, and keeping the sales pages inside my wp directory, this may not work as well for those with a sidebar but for me it would be perfect as I don’t use sidebars in my photoblog)

    the ideas above sound great!

    • That’s the goal, to have it be seamless. The ideal situation would be for your clients to never even know about ProofBuddy. I’ve been digging around a bit since this post and it should be possible to get this done, although it’s still a bit off since we’re still pushing on getting version 2.1 out the door.

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