Watermark Plugin update 1.2

We know… it’s only been a couple of days since the last update to our Watermark plugin, but there were a couple of significant enough updates that we felt like we needed to go ahead and push out a new update.

Watermarking Thumbnails

Watermark Settings Screen Shot

Watermark Settings Page

Watermarking thumbnails is something that we actively decided not to add when the watermark plugin was originally written. In fact, when I went back into the code to add it in I found that some of the code had already been written and commented out with a note.

The thought is that while adding a watermark to an image is a relatively “expensive” process, watermarking a single image wasn’t that big of a deal. But watermarking potentially dozens of thumbnail images on a single page might be problematic.

But it’s your site. That decision should be left up to you. So what we’ve done is add an option to the watermark plugin so that you can turn watermarking on for the thumbnails. If it slows your server down too much, you can leave it off.

But it really should affect page speed much past the first time the page is viewed. Watermarked version of the images are cached so they only need to be created the first time an image is viewed.

Watermark Files with Spaces

Turns out our testing didn’t include watermark files with spaces in them. And we’ve found that spaces in the filename is something that was breaking the plugin. So with this update the plugin will rename the watermark file before it saves it to your server so that it doesn’t have spaces. This is something that WordPress does anyway with most files. We just hadn’t coded the plugin to take advantage.


If you’re already using this plugin you should see a note within the next few hours inside your WordPress admin prompting you to update.

If not, you can get it with the button below.


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