I’ve always felt that it’s important to thank those that help you, and this site and the ProofBuddy plugin itself owes gratitude to several software packages and the developers and designers behind them. Yes, we could have gotten ProofBuddy up and running without the programs listed below, but it would have been much more difficult.


First, thanks to the open source team behind WordPress. If you’re here reading this you probably use WordPress and know how amazing of a program it is. If not, give it a try. You’ll probably be surprised.

ProofBuddy was originally written as a stand alone web application, but after looking at how extensible WordPress is and the number of requests that we had to get ProofBuddy playing nice with WordPress we decided to go all in and switch ProofBuddy over to a WordPress plugin.

Our Theme

The theme on our site is a child theme of Twenty Twelve. 2012 comes with WordPress and is a very plain theme out of the box. But it is very easy to take that theme and create a child, which is what we did.


Easy Digital Downloads

Handles the downloads on our site. All we have to do is upload a new file. Everything else is taken care of.

WordPress SEO

If you’ve got a WordPress site without this plugin, go get it now. It makes it dead easy to change around parts of each page so that search engines will like it more. It also gives you tips along the way to catch things you might have missed.

No Shortcodes

Many of our pages list shortcodes that you can use, and normally WordPress will run these shortcodes through a parser and replace them. The NoSc plugin lets us wrap shortcodes that we want to actually display and WordPress won’t touch them.

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