How to Schedule WordPress Posts

There’s a little known feature in WordPress that you’ve probably seen, just never noticed. But with a little work, the ability the schedule WordPress posts can make your website appear much more active without much effort on your part. Why Schedule WordPress Posts? Let’s start with this one. Why wouldn’t you just always hit post […]

How to improve JPG quality in WordPress

When you’re building a website speed is important. And part of that is keeping your images as small as possible. But you’re a photographer. For your site good enough is just not good enough. For the tip today we’re going to bump the quality setting that WordPress uses when resizing JPG files from the default […]

Shared Hosting vs. VPS vs. Cloud vs. Dedicated Server

Let’s say you’re setting up a website for your new photography business. Or, maybe you’re not happy with your current website and want to expand. It may be time to look at the different types of hosting. And, like most things web hosting related, there is a lot of room for confusion. tl;dr version, you’ll […]

Adding a login box to your site

It’s a question that comes up quite a bit.  And when a question comes up over and over it means that I’m missing something in the documentation.  So if you’re looking for instructions on adding a ProofBuddy login form to your main site so your visitors don’t have to go to the main login page […]