Favorites plugin updated to 1.0.2

Last week we pushed out an update to the Favorites plugin, but neglected to actually post about it. Updates Plugin was throwing an error for non-admin users when in /wp-admin/. For example, if you have an editor that didn’t have access rights to the Favorites sections then they would see an error. The pages for […]

Mobile Cart plugin updated for ProofBuddy 2.1

This was our first task after releasing ProofBuddy 2.1, and since that was done this morning the mobile cart plugin has been updated to work with version 2.1. Biggest change, aside from working with ProofBuddy 2.1, is that this plugin is now free and works with both the Lite and Pro version of ProofBuddy. How […]

New Plugin – Package Contents

A new plugin is available for download that will add a variable set to ProofBuddy to allow you to display contents of packages within your theme. Usage Once installed and activated, there will be 3 new variables available for use. <!–packageContents–> Will display the contents of any packages available for the current image.  This variable […]