Scheduling posts with Editorial Calendar

Those that claim to know such things say you should update your blog regularly. I’ve seen suggestions anywhere from multiple times per day to a couple of times per week.

For me, if I were to try and update a site multiple times per day the quality would suffer. There’s just no way I could add that much content and have it be of any quality. For this site I shoot for one or two posts per week, aside from any that are related to releases. Realistically, I don’t meet that goal very often.

What’s helped though is having a calendar, and when I found the Editorial Calendar plugin I knew it was one that would help a great deal. Not with the actual writing, but with keeping everything organized.

Editorial Calendar

Screen shot of the Editorial Calendar plugin

Screen shot of the Editorial Calendar plugin

The screen shot to the right shows the Editorial Calendar plugin on another site of mine. You can see that over the next couple of weeks there are posts scheduled every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

For that site, what I do is create a handful of posts at a time, save them all as drafts, and then drag into the calendar to schedule. Once they’re scheduled I’ll change them all from drafts to published so that they’ll show up on the right day. It’s a font site, and most of the work is done via a series of scripts so there’s not much to do for each individual post and I’m able to kick out a dozen or so posts in a few minutes. Obviously not something that would work on this site, but it does over there.

In Practice

I’ve just started using the Editorial Calendar plugin on this site, which is why there’s a screen shot from another site. But the plan is to use it and stay organized enough for a new WordPress post every week, starting with this one.

In your case, think of an article that your potential clients might be looking for. Let’s say you live in Houston. A post on engagement photography locations in Houston would be a good way for someone to find you, and for you to show off.

And what about a schedule? I hate getting this answer, but it depends. I know that one a week is pushing it for me, but maybe you  can fit in three or four. It depends on how much time you can spare along with how much you have to write or say.

Downloading and Installing

You can get the plugin from the WordPress plugin site or by searching for it in your WordPress admin. If you download and don’t install directly through WordPress, you might want to take a look at our page on how to upload WordPress plugins.

One thought on “Scheduling posts with Editorial Calendar

  1. I’ve been using this plugin on this site and another site of mine, other than the font site linked above. And the more I use it, the more I like it.

    Last week I wrote a handful of posts for this site and it only took a minute or so to schedule them. Of course much more than that to actually write the posts, but the scheduling was really easy.

    And right now I’m working on shutting down a personal site of mine and am moving all of the posts to my personal blog. Rather than just dumping them on my blog though I’m using this plugin to schedule them to publish so that a couple of posts show up each week for the next few weeks.

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