ProofBuddy updated to 3.1.4

Seems like a waste of a really good version to use on just a simple bug release. But here we are. ProofBuddy has been updated to version 3.1.4.


  • Default to no_height on the full image template. This won’t affect you if you are upgrading, but will make the template more responsive friendly for new users. If you’re an existing user with a responsive theme, here’s how to implement the fix yourself.
  • Minimum and maximum cart values not always working correctly.
  • Currency values not always storing in the database correctly.
  • Dashboard links now include all of our blog posts instead of just updates to the main ProofBuddy plugin.
  • Dashboard links are now HTTPS instead of plain HTTP. They were redirecting anyway, but this should speed up the dashboard a bit.

Download or Upgrade

If you’re a current ProofBuddy user you should see an update message inside of WordPress.

New users can download ProofBuddy by adding it to your cart. It’s free.

Free Download

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