ProofBuddy 3.1 Update

It’s way past due for an upgrade to the main ProofBuddy plugin. But that time is now. We’re pushing out version 3.1

New Features

Dialog to change individual image pricing along with setting title, caption, alt text and description.

Image Specific Pricing

My guess is that for most users this will be the most welcome change. Don’t have the analytics in front of me, but I’m thinking that this is the single most popular feature request since we moved ProofBuddy to a WordPress plugin.

Album edit page improvements

This one was the big one.

First change was that we moved the image list out of a meta box and up to the top of the album editing page. What we found is that the image list meta box was getting pushed down by other plugins where it should pretty much always be at the top. Now, instead of a draggable box the images show up directly on the admin page where you would normally find the post editor when you’re working with standard WordPress posts.

And, you can also change the size of the images. Before ProofBuddy filled in the image list with images in whatever size thumbnails you had set. That worked fine for most users, but we’ve talked to quite a few of you that like really big thumbnails. Originally we were just going to limit the size, but came up with a better solution and added a slider so that you can change the size of the images. This doesn’t do anything to the actual file, but does let you get a better view while you’re working.

Updates to the album edit page include a zoom slider - see the top right of this image.

Updates to the album edit page include a zoom slider – see the top right of this image.

Possibly the biggest change was switching out the dialogs that you could use to view and edit individual images with the JavaScript media manger that was added in WordPress 3.5. Should make it much easier to upload and edit the information on individual images. This is also where the setting for changing the pricing on an individual image shows up.

Featured image on albums

Featured images added to albums.

Featured images added to albums.

The albums now have the option for adding a featured image just like most other WordPress post types.

Right now this isn’t being used, but it does give the option for other plugins to use the featured image in the future.

Better Session Handling

We had been using WordPress transients to keep track of users and their carts. Turns out that wasn’t something that we should have been using transients for. Normally it wasn’t an issue, but on some servers there were options in place that would cause either lost carts or the total inability to login.

So we went back to scratch on sessions. First we added the option to use text based sessions, storing small files in your server temp folder. This is similar to how most PHP applications store session data. We also totally rewrote the session handling so that if you’re using the database it’s no longer handled with transients and ProofBuddy keeps track of when sessions expire and should be removed instead of relying on WordPress.

More Shortcodes

Added three new shortcodes for your images

[pb_img_description] – Replaced with the description entered for an image through the WordPress image manager.

[pb_img_caption] – Image caption

[pb_img_alt] – Alt field for the image

Other fixes

  • Sales order report was only printing orders that were “New” or “Completed” when it should have included any orders that were not deleted or cancelled.
  • Only five pricing lists were showing in the dropdown on the pricing options page
  • Some of the shortcodes had defaults that were not run through i18n
  • Cart shipping amount is now run through a filter
  • Headers on the sales report PDF were overlapping

Getting the update

You should see a notice inside your WordPress admin within the next few hours prompting you to upgrade.

If you, you can also head over to the download page and get a fresh copy.

9 thoughts on “ProofBuddy 3.1 Update

    • It’s changed a bit how images are uploaded. There should be a button on top of the images instead of the link that was there in previous versions, and it should take you to a WordPress media manager instead of the one that we spec built for PB 3.0.

      Also, there were a lot of JavaScript and CSS changes. It may be an issue where clearing your cache will clear it up.

    • Probably worth going ahead and upgrading your version of WordPress. 4.0 was released over a year ago. 4.3.1 is the current version. Had another user with the exact same issue that cleared up after upgrading to the current version of WordPress.

      And you just happened to hit me while I’m working on the site :)

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