ProofBuddy 3.1.1 Released

Small update this afternoon for ProofBuddy.

The first update is one that was needed for users who are using WordPress 4.4. The upgrade to 4.4 mixed with ProofBuddy to cause a permissions error when you try to edit one of the template files. You would get a message that you are not allowed to edit posts in this post type.

hideFeaturedImageThe second is to fix an issue between featured images and some themes. The ability to add a featured image to ProofBuddy albums was added a couple of versions ago. What we found is that some themes automatically insert the featured image at the top of the page, which wasn’t such a good thing on an album. As a solution we added an option that will cause featured images to not display on album pages, but leave them alone on any other post type. You’ll only need this if your theme is automatically inserting featured images and you’re selecting featured images for your albums. If neither of those applies to you, you can just leave the option unchecked.


If you’re already using ProofBuddy it should show up as an option to upgrade in your WordPress dashboard within the next few hours.

Or, you can download the zip and upload it directly to your server.

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