Main site update

Our main site has been long overdue for an overhaul. The home page here has never been something I’ve been all that happy with.

Last week I was able to take all of the wireframe sketches I’ve done over the past few months and build a home page that I am happy with.  It’s cut down to not look like a blog, even though we’re still using WordPress to power the site. Much of the noise got removed, and we’re left with a much cleaner home page.

The download page was also updated to just link to what y’all are after, the download for ProofBuddy. All of the download links to support files have been removed and replaced with a big red download button. Plus, the page will automatically update as we push out new versions. Themes and plugins were moved to their own section.

And very exciting for us, although probably not so much for y’all, is that we have streamlined how we package releases. From the time we finalize a new release to the time it’s live on the site is now less than a minute.

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