Getting the newest ProofBuddy

With our site redesign to go along with ProofBuddy 2.1, we also added a new link that will always download whatever the latest version of ProofBuddy. will always be the latest stable version of ProofBuddy. As of this post it’s 2.0.4. will always link to the latest version, including pre-release versions. When there’s a pre-release version like there is now with version 2.1.beta it will download that file. When there isn’t an active pre-release version it will download the most recent stable version.

The reason we did this, aside from making it easier to keep the downloads page updated, is that it is planned for a future version of ProofBuddy to be able to automatically update itself.

2 thoughts on “Getting the newest ProofBuddy

    • Depends a bit. The second beta is still not 100% finished. There were about a dozen tickets put in on beta 2 that we’re working on cleaning up for a third beta which should be early next week.

      Yes, you can upgrade from 2.0 to the beta of 2.1 by simply uploading the contents of the 2.1.b download on top of your current 2.0 site. The first time you visit your site after the upgrade PB will prompt you to enter your admin login and then will go through a short upgrade process.

      You can also install the beta into a second folder, leaving your current 2.0 install intact. This is the route most of the testers are taking. Let’s say that you have 2.0 installed in /proofs/ and 2.1 installed in /proofs-test/, it’s pretty easy to make the switch once you’re satisfied that 2.1 is going to work for you.

      Either way I would wait until the third beta comes out early next week. There wasn’t anything major found in the second beta, but it’s almost always a good idea to get the latest version of anything.

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