Stripe Plugin Template

When you activate the Stripe plugin it will add a new template to ProofBuddy called Stripe Checkout. This is a page that comes between the checkout confirmation page and the thank you page.

Default Template

This is the default template layout. You can customize it however you want, but we’re putting it here just in case you want to go back to the original

Please enter your credit card information to continue.

[pb_stripe_exp_month] [pb_stripe_exp_year]


You have the following shortcodes to use to customize the form.

This outputs the HTML needed to start the form used for credit card entry.

Outputs the HTML to close the credit card form. Also sets up the page to load the JavaScript needed for Stripe to work.

Display any messages either coming from Stripe or when redirecting back after a failed transaction.

Text box for your client to enter their credit card number.

Text box to enter the CVC number.

Creates a dropdown of months to use for the expiration date.

Creates a dropdown of years to use for the expiration date.

Creates the submit button for the form.

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