Stripe Payment Gateway

Plugin to add Stripe as a payment gateway for ProofBuddy.


Once you have downloaded the Stripe plugin, you’ll need to upload and activate like any other WordPress plugin. If you need help activating, we’ve got help.


Once activated, there will be 4 new settings on the ProofBuddy Settings > Orders page.


Stripe Keys

You’ll need to enter your publishable and secret keys from Stripe. You can get these by clicking on the Settings link under your account and then on the API Keys tab at


Payment Status

This is the status that an order will be marked after a successful transaction through Stripe. Failed transactions will bounce back to the payment page.

Currency Code

Abbreviation for the currency that Stripe should use. Defaults to USD for US Dollars. Stripe has a complete list on their site.


A new template is added to ProofBuddy with this plugin. For information on customization of the template, please visit this page.

Help & Support

Need help or have questions. Ask away in the comments below or contact us directly.

2 thoughts on “Stripe Payment Gateway

  1. HI. I’ve installed the plugin and placed an order to test it, but I get a ‘fatal error’ message along with a lot of other words. I followed the instructions to install as closely as I could.

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