Want to use PayPal to let your clients pay for their orders? This plugin is for you.


Download the file using the link below. Then you can either upload directly into the WordPress plugin page or using an FTP program upload the proofbuddy-paypal folder from inside the zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ folder on your server.

Once it’s on your server you’ll need to activate the plugin from the Plugins menu inside WordPress.

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Once activated there will be a PayPal section on the ProofBuddy: Settings: Orders tab. You’ll need to make sure that all of the values there match your PayPal account.

You will also need to edit the “Thanks” template and add the [pb_paypal] shortcode where you want the button to appear.

14 thoughts on “PayPal

  1. Ryan,

    First of all, I love Proofbuddy. It’s a cost-effective way for a freelancer to sell their art. Everything has worked great until recently. The PayPal link is taking my clients to a page with a pay with paypal link and a link to debit/credit below. The lower debit/credit link takes them to a page that ends in a transaction failure but shows they have completed the transaction. Those that use the pay with paypal link have no issues. Is there a way to modify the code to leave off that credit/debit link . I’d be willing to pay for an updated button that remedies this issue.

    • Did you add the shortcode to your thanks template?

      Since is standard PayPal your client would have to click on the PayPal button that’s created by the shortcode and go to the PayPal site to make the payment. Once the payment is made the PayPal server sends a message back to your server that it’s been paid and ProofBuddy will mark it as paid.

  2. So, my theme background is a light color…the text is also a light color. Where do I go to change the font color? If you tell me where to find the file to edit, I can change the color…I just don’t know where to go.

    Thank you,

    Lou DiChello

  3. Just wondering what changes are required to try this plugin with paypal sandbox please?
    I have tried changing the paypal address in the class-pb-paypal.php file to but it still seems to send requests to the standard site.

        • By inspecting the element of the Paypal button in google chrome I can find the link in the html output to the and I can change it to which seems to work. It would be nice to know where the link is comming from though (it doesnt seem to be from the php file), perhaps its in the database somewhere

  4. Wow! Quick reply. Thanks!
    I’m using invictus theme. And it took me a year to get it thecway I want.
    As far as CSS, i’d be more comfortable going hunting with Cheney. I’ll open it in firefox and firebug that sucker and see what I can figure out.


    • My guess is that somewhere in your CSS you have “width:100%;” hooking on to images. The PayPal button itself is coming from the PayPal servers and, unless something has changed, it certainly isn’t as big as what you’re seeing.

      How comfortable are you with CSS? Did you make your theme, download it, or have someone make it for you?

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