Are you a fan of the Pinterest layout on web pages? Take a look at the ProofBuddy Masonry plugin.

With this plugin active your thumbnail pages will layout using a Masonry layout, similar to Pinterest, with each image fitting in like bricks on the page.

With this plugin the thumbnail page layout becomes fully responsive. Normally the images are put in columns based on your thumbnail page template. If you currently are using 3 columns you’ll still have 3 columns. But when the page gets below a certain width that you can specify the images will drop to 1 column.

And you’ll also get larger images. Instead of using the thumbnail images for the thumbnail page this plugin will use the full sized images, scaled to fit. This might slow down your page load time a bit though so that would be something to consider whether you want to use this plugin.

How to use?

Just activate. There’s nothing more to it. The plugin replaces the function [pb_thumbs] with its own version.

Change your mind? Just deactivate and you’ll be back to the normal table based grid of thumbnails.


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