Invoice Format

This plugin gives you more control over how ProofBuddy formats invoice numbers. Instead of just having the # placeholder like ProofBuddy uses by default, you can now zero pad the invoice number up to a specific length and also include the date.

Installation and Usage

Upload and activate just like any other plugin.

Once activate the Invoice Format option on the ProofBuddy settings page will allow you to enter strings to specify a more advanced format.

If you would like your invoice numbers to have a specific length, you can use #{x} where x is the length minimum length of invoice number. For example, if you want your invoice numbers to be at least 6 numbers long then use #{6} in the option. Invoice 123 would then be formatted as 000123.

You can also use the date formatting strings on the page for strftime, although depending on your server some may not work. Any date values are pulled from the date of invoice submission.

Note that this plugin does not actually change the stored invoice number. The only thing actually stored in the database number is the invoice number. So if you decide to disable this plugin all invoice numbers of all orders will go back to the old style.


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