Digital Downloads

Looking for a way to sell digital downloads of your images to clients? The Digital Downloads Plugin for ProofBuddy is just for you.


  1. Download the zip file. You’ve probably already done this if you’re reading this file.
  2. Upload the zip file to your WordPress site and activate. If you need help we have instructions.


Options for this plugin are on the Settings -> Images tab under the ProofBuddy heading in WordPress.


  • Allowed Statuses – Which statuses can an order be in for a download to be allowed? This should be a checklist of the statuses that you are using. Check the ones that should be able to download. For example, you probably don’t want “New” orders to be able to download since they’re typically not paid for yet.
  • Readme Filename – A readme file will be inserted into each zip file created with this filename. The contents of that file are specified using one of the templates listed below.
  • Download Filename – The name of the zip file that your clients will download. It shouldn’t have .zip at the end. ProofBuddy will add that automatically.
  • Download Slug – Text appended to the end of the website address to take your clients to the page to download their images.
  • Max Images Per Zip – Maximum number of image files that will be put in each zip file. If a client orders more than this number their order will be split into multiple zip files. Set to 0 to disable and force a single file regardless of how many images are purchased.
  • Max Downloads Per File – How many times can your client download each zip file? You probably want this to be more than 1 so your clients can download their files again in case they’re lost. Set to 0 to disable and have no limit.


There are 5 templates added to ProofBuddy as part of this plugin.

  • Downloads Unavailable – Message shown to clients when their order is not at a status that allows downloading.
  • File List – Page shown to clients that lists their files with links to download.
  • Invalid Download – Message shown when a visitor comes to a download link that is not valid. Typically this won’t happen, but it has a template just in case.
  • Login Page – Page shown to clients where they’ll enter the email address used on an order to login and download their files.
  • Readme File – Contents of the readme file that’s inserted into each zip file created.

Link Shortcodes

You are also going to need to insert a shortcode into existing templates.

The first should go in the Thank You template that is shown to your clients after they complete an order. The second goes in the email template that is sent to your clients after an order.

In both cases, you’ll use the shortcode [pb_dig_link].

Pricing Options

pricing_meta_boxWith this plugin the pricing meta box under Settings -> Pricing will have two new options.

Checking the box for Digital Product will turn that particular pricing item into a digital product.

The Max Dimension setting will limit the size of the file that is downloaded. If you enter a dimension in this field the images included in the zip files will be no larger than that dimension on their long side. For example, if you enter 600 the files included in a download will be no larger than 600 pixels on their long side.

Setting Max Dimension to 0 will allow the largest image available on your server to be inserted into the zip file.

The Max Dimension is a good way to sell both printable full resolution images and also smaller, social media sized images.

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