Crop Preview

How often do you have to explain crop ratios to clients? Have you ever gotten an angry phone  all when clients get their prints and their surprised that their 8×10 inch prints don’t show as much of the image as the 4×6 proportion images that are on your site?

This might just be the plugin for you.

The plugin adds a mask on the top and bottom or left and right, depending on which needs to be masked off, to show your clients an estimation of the proportion for the images their ordering.


Upload and activate like any other WordPress plugin.

Crop Options

Options for crop preview plugin

Once activated you will have two new options on the Settings: Images page.

Mask Color: Lets you set the color of your masks. The default is black, but black may not work well for all images. Red is also a good choice.

If you’re using a version of Internet Explorer prior to 8.0 you will need to manually enter a code as the color picker used is not supported in earlier versions. If you don’t see the Select Color button be sure to enter a full hex color including the leading # or you can use one of the CSS Named Colors.

Mask Opacity: Controls the opacity of the mask. 25% is a good starting point, but you can make it more or less transparent if you like. 0% is totally transparent and 100% is totally opaque.

Naming Pricing Items

The crop preview plugin automatically calculates crop ratios, but does need your pricing items to be named correctly. Although we did our best to have it match how you would naturally name pricing items.

The script looks for a pattern matching a number followed by an x followed by another number. So it would match 5×7, 8×10, 10×8, etc. There can also be spaces between the numbers and the x if you’d like; so 5 x 7, 8 x 10, and 10 x 8 will also work.

If you have a pricing item with a name that doesn’t match the pattern the masks will hide.

If you have a format that doesn’t match this, and you’d like us to update the plugin to work with it, please let us know by either using the contact form or the comments form below.



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