Gives you the option of giving your clients coupon codes for discounts on their orders.


Coupons Menu

ProofBuddy menu with the coupons plugin activated

Once the zip file you get from us has been uploaded and activated on your WordPress site you should see a Coupons link under the ProofBuddy menu. Look to the right for a screen shot.

You will also need to add a shortcode to your Cart template. Click on the Templates menu and choose the Cart template. There you’ll ad the shortcode [pb_add_coupon] to your template where you want the form to show for your clients to enter their coupon code.

If you haven’t edited the template much, right after the [pb_cart_table] shortcode is a good spot. That will put the form after the list of items in the cart and right before the buttons for continuing to shop or checkout.

There are a handful of attributes that you can use on the shortcode as well if you’d like to customize farther.

Adding Coupons

Next you’ll need to create some coupons for your clients to use. Click on the Coupons menu and you should see a normal, but empty, WordPress list table. Click on the Add Coupon link to create your first coupon.

Below are the settings for a coupon, although not all coupon types will have all of the options.

  • Coupon Type: What type of coupon is this? More on the difference between the types below
  • Code: This is the code that your clients will enter to apply the coupon to their order
  • Open Date: The coupon is only valid starting on this date, or you can leave this field empty to have it immediately open
  • Expiration Date: The coupon is not usable past this date, or you can leave this field empty and the coupon won’t expire
  • Cart Minimum: The cart must have at least this much value for this coupon to be valid. You can leave this empty or at zero and there will be no minimum.
  • Cart Maximum: Once the cart is worth more than this value the coupon is no longer valid. Or, you can leave this field empty or at zero to have no maximum.
  • Coupon Value: How much this coupon is worth. Depending on the coupon type this is either a dollar value or percentage.
  • Max Uses: How many times can this coupon be used, or leave it at zero to have no limit.

You can also use the meta box to the right to select which albums the coupon is valid for. Check the albums you want this coupon to work for, or select all albums for no restrictions.


Coupon settings

Settings added to the Orders tab

There are two options added onto the Settings -> Orders tab.

Allow Multiple Coupons: If set, your clients can use multiple coupons on their orders. If not set, only one coupon can be used on any one order.

If only one coupon is allowed your client must remove an existing coupon to add another.

Load CSS: This plugin has a very small CSS file that it loads by default. If you’d rather copy everything out of that CSS file into your CSS you can clear this checkbox and the coupons CSS won’t load.



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