Block Right Clicks

You have to walk a fine line between putting your work out for others to see and keeping it safe. The only way to be sure that your work is totally safe from people downloading is to not put it online.

So, what can you do? You try to make it as difficult to save images from your website as possible. And one way you can do that is to block the right click menu, which is just what this plugin does.



After activating the plugin there will be one extra setting on the ProofBuddy settings page. Look on the Images tab and you should see a line where you can enter the message you would like to pop-up when an image is right-clicked.

Settings line where you can change the message

Settings line where you can change the message

If you’d rather, you can leave the message empty and nothing will pop-up, but the menu will still be blocked.

Hasn’t this been done?

You are correct, there are already WordPress plugins that do this.

The difference is they block right clicks site wide. This plugin only blocks right clicks on the thumbnails and full sized images inside a ProofBuddy album.


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