Extend ProofBuddy

Block Right Clicks

Block right-clicks on your ProofBuddy images with a bit of JavaScript


Give your clients coupon codes to get discounts off of their orders.

Crop Preview

Displays a mask on your full sized images to preview crop ratios

Digital Downloads

Do you sell digital files to your clients? This plugin will allow them to download directly from your site.


Let your visitors tag their favorite images and then submit their lists to you.

Google Analytics

Adds Google Analytics eCommerce tracking to your ProofBuddy site.

Invoice Format

Allows you to format invoice numbers using the date and time of the order.


Swaps out the existing grid based thumbnail page with a new Masonry / Pinterest style layout.


Lets your clients pay you via PayPal using a credit card or their PayPal account. Handles the IPN messages to automatically mark order as paid.

QR Codes

Adds a meta box to the album edit page with a QR code that, when scanned, links to the album on your site.



Simple plugin to allow ProofBuddy to play well with qTranslate

Stripe Payment Gateway

Lets your clients pay you through Stripe

Text Messages

New order notifications sent to your phone as a text message.

Transparent Overlay

Makes it more difficult for visitors to save your images by putting them behind a transparent image

Watermark Plugin Featured Image


Plugin to easily add watermarks to your images to make them a bit safer on the internet.