The functionality on this page was added in version 3.0.4 and is not availble in previous versions

The [pb_login_field] can be used on any page in your site to create a login form.



Using the [pb_login_field] without any additional parameters will create an input field with a CSS class of pb-field, placeholder value of Passcode, and no value. You can override the defaults by using the following options.

  • class – CSS class applied to the input field. Defaults to pb-field
  • placeholder – Value of the placeholder attribute for the field. Defaults to Passcode
  • default – Value already entered into the field when the visitor gets to the page. Defaults to nothing.

For example, you can use something like the following

[pb_login_field class="my-class" placeholder="Enter your passcode"]

This will apply the CSS my-class instead of pb-field and use Enter your passcode as the placeholder value. The value will still default to nothing because none was entered.

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