Used to display a dropdown where you visitors select the item to add to their carts.




You can use the following shortcode attributes with this shortcode.

  • class – CSS class applied to the select element. Defaults to pb-select
  • force_inline – If set to 1 then the select element is wrapped in a div with CSS style of display:inline; . This is to counteract some themes that style select elements as block level elements.
  • sep – Characters used between the description and price of an item. Defaults to ” – ” (dash with spaces on both sides). You do not need to include the currency symbol here. It is pulled from another setting.
  • width – If specified, this width will be applied to the select element as a CSS style. You’ll need to include any units like px, em, or pt in your widths. Defaults to empty so that your theme CSS will control the width.

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