Used to display a button for your visitors to add an item to their cart.




You can use the following attributes on this shortcode to customize the output.

  • class – CSS class used on the submit button. Defaults to pb-button
  • text – Caption on the button. Defaults to Add to Cart
  • force_inline – If set to 1 then the button will be wrapped in a div with CSS style display:inline;. This is to counteract some themes that automatically make input buttons block level elements.

For example, if you wanted your button to have a CSS class of my-button and text of “Put in Basket”, you’d use the following.

[pb_add_to_cart_button class="my-button" text="Put in Basket"]

One thought on “pb_add_to_cart_button

  1. How do I use this ProofBuddy in such way, that the cart will be visible at all times to the person who enters the album, so that they can see what they have ordered, and erase or change what is already there?

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