Linking to Albums

You have two choices for sending clients the links for their albums. You can either send them the direct link or you can create a page with a login form.

Direct Links

Every album you create has a unique address, just like every other post or page on your WordPress site.

Take a look at the following image. It’s similar to what you’re probably used to seeing on your WordPress posts. When you name an album, WordPress automatically generates a permalink for that album. If you send your clients to this address they will be able to view their images, after logging in if you entered a passcode on the album.

Viewing the permalilnk of an album

Viewing the permalilnk of an album

You can also get the link from the Albums list page. If you hover your mouse over the name of the album should see links appear allowing you to Edit, Trash, or View Album. Clicking on the View Album link will take you to the client view for that album, although as an administrator you will be able to see inactive albums and may not have to login.

View Album link

View Album link

From the album page you can cut and paste the address into the email you send your client.

Build a Login Form

Starting with ProofBuddy version 3.0.4 you can also use a series of shortcodes to create a login form on any post or page on your site.

There are 5 shortcodes, all starting with pb_login, that you’ll use to create your form.

The first two are [pb_login_open] and [pb_login_close]. These two create and close the HTML form that is submitted when your visitor logs in. They won’t show up on the page, but they are critical. It’s also important that the open shortcode comes before the close shortcode.

You also need to include the [pb_login_field] and [pb_login_button] shortcodes, and they have to go in between the open and close shortcodes. But it doesn’t matter whether field or button comes first as long as they’re both between open and close. The “standard” for web pages though is for the button to come after the field.

The field shortcode creates the input text box where your visitor will enter their passcode. The button shortcode creates the button they click to login.

There is also a [pb_login_message] shortcode. This is an optional shortcode and can be anywhere on the page. It doesn’t have to be between the open and close shortcodes, although it can be.

The message shortcode is a spot where ProofBuddy will display messages after a login attempt if the passcode was incorrect or the album is not currently available.

Example Login Form

This is a very simple example, but it does give a base for you to start from. You can customize the from as much as you want as long as you remember the bits from above about ordering.

Hi, and welcome to our login page. Please enter your passcode into the field below to view your images. 


[pb_login_field] [pb_login_button]

You should see something like the following, although the exact look will depend on your theme.

Login page example

Example page created with the login shortcodes

The next image is the sample layout, but what’s shown after the user has entered an incorrect passcode. Note that in the first image the message is not shown at all. The [pb_login_message] is blanked out if there isn’t a message.

Example login after invalid login

Example login form after an invalid login

Want More Control?

Sure you do!

Most of the shortcodes have attributes that you can pass to get your page looking just like you want. For more information follow the following links.

A Few Notes

A couple of things to keep in mind.

First, you cannot get to an album without a passcode through the login form. If you have an album without a passcode you’ll have to send your clients the direct link. Since there’s not passcode, there’s nothing for them to enter into the field.

And an aside, albums without passcodes are public to anyone who knows or can find the link so you probably don’t want too many albums without passcodes unless you want to sell images from that album to anyone that visits – for example, you’re a landscape photographer and sell fine art prints.

And if you have multiple active albums with the same passcode then the login form will login your visitors to the first one you created. ProofBuddy does not check to make sure that you’re not using the same passcode as a previous album – it used to, but after many user requests we removed the check from PB3.

Your best bet is to not use the same passcode more than once.

And passcodes are not case sensitive, so passcodes “passcode” and “PaSsCoDe” are considered the same. This is an issue with how MySQL compares text.

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