40 thoughts on “Installing ProofBuddy

  1. Looks like people hitting the link can see the contents of the album before even entering the passcode? I think this WordPress version makes for a very confusing client user experience. No buttons for accessing the cart, etc. I still have the 2.0 version installed and will likely just continue to use that.

    • Hey Ryan, is it possible to download 2.0 still? The friend I referred over here was hoping it was still accessible. She’s having a lot of trouble with the WordPress version (I don’t think she even uses WordPress outside of this.) I’m still trying to get it sorted out for my install, but it would make her life easier in the short term if she could implement the non-Wordpress version.

  2. I just added proofbuddy, and i tryed adding an album, when i clicked on to view album i get Nothing showing but the page your looking for dose not exsit. It would be nice if you have viedos on how to use this. And besides i dont get a page asking for the passcode.

    • What do you have set as the album slug under options?

      You’ll probably also want to go to Setting (the main WP one) -> Permalinks and hit save. It may be that the permalink didn’t get updated correctly.

        • Try resetting it back to album. Not sure that it matters, but the upper case or underscore may make a difference. I’ll do a bit of research and see if that matters, but it’s at least something to try.

        • Nope, that wasn’t it. Just tried the same slug on our test server and it worked.

          What version of WordPress are you using? What theme? What other plugins do you have active?

          • i am using wordpress 3.6 ,
            i am using antology from themeforest,
            and plugings i have are
            All in one seo pack, copyrights for wordpress, custom password protecte text, official stat counter

          • Ok i found out that this plugin dose not work with tempaltes from themeforest , I had swtiched my tempalte to a free wordpress them, and it worked perfectly. Please try to help me I realy need a plug in that i can have my clients buy there prints and images for there cd

          • Okay, looks like the email address that’s listed for you with your comments doesn’t exist. Please email me at ryan at this domain and we’ll see what we can do to get this worked out.

  3. I am so confused. I have/had v2.0 installed and have active albums etc. in there. I realized there were updates when telling a friend about you and installed on WP as a plugin (process was different from when I originally installed. Now I have the 3.03 version showing up as a plugin that seems to have no relation at all to my 2.0 installation. How do I just update the version I had? Or do I have to start over at this point? And if so, how do I access the published Proofbuddy login and client side view? It’s definitely not at the same location I have 2.0 sitting ((siteurl)/proofbuddy/) I can’t seem to find any documentation at all about what to do after installation of the plugin.

    • Correct, there really is no relationship between your copy of PB2 and PB3, other than the name. We actually considered renaming ProofBuddy but decided to stick with it for the WordPress version.

      Take a look at the Adding Albums page under documentation. It shows where the links are to send your clients to.

  4. I’m having the same issues w/ the add images dialogue freezing at the popup window. I just get a blank window. I am using Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, IE 10, with ProPhoto 4 for my wordpress theme. When I use Firefox I am able to upload images, but not w/ IE 10.
    Also, what happened to package functionality? Am I missing something or is that no longer there?

    • Just checked our test server and it’s doing the same thing to me in IE10. Will get working on that.

      Packages are coming as a plugin. They’re not in the main program.

      ETA: Have updated our dev version with a fix for the IE issue and it will be in the next release.

  5. I have added plugin and widgets, can see the log in details and I can load an album – as soon as I click the photo, the page just seems to refresh? What am I doing wrong?!

    Also, are you going to add the facility to set a page layout? currently this uses my blog page template, I would prefer it to use a customised one.

    Great that this has been added to WordPress, thanks so much!!!

    • Click on the photo where? In the album or the album edit page in the admin pages?

      The album is a custom post type, so if you create a template file in your theme folder named single-pb_album.php it will be used for everything ProofBuddy client side.

    • What version of WordPress are you using? We came across an issue with WP3.4 where the links weren’t saving correctly.

      One thing to try is to go to the ProofBuddy options and click save and then go to the main WP options -> Permalinks and click save.

      We have got it fixed for the next pre-release which should be within the next couple of days.

  6. Hi,
    So I’ve created an album and added pricing but my question is how do you get from adding to your cart to accessing the cart and checking out? Am I supposed to create pages to do that?

    • There’s a cart widget that you can add.

      Also planning on adding a message to the “Item added to cart” message that links to the cart.

  7. I have just installed ProofBuddy on my WordPress site and have created an album, but I cannot upload images. The little spinning wheel just keeps going and going and going. I love the concept and hope you can help me get it going.

    • Spinning wheel where? Are you able to upload to WordPress normally? It should look the same as uploading images into any other post.

      Also, what browser are you using? Windows or Mac?

      • On an MAC using Firefox. WordPress works normally otherwise.

        When you are on the edit album page under the add images section the little loading wheel (?) just keeps going and doesn;t give me the option to upload images.

        If you want to check it out I will create a login for you to check it yourself . Just give me an email address to send the info to.

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