How much does ProofBuddy cost?

ProofBuddy is free. You can download and use it as long as you like on your WordPress site.

We also are writing plugins to extend ProofBuddy, and many of them will be free as well. In addition, there will be premium plugins as well that are not free. The page for each of the premium plugins will display the price.

7 thoughts on “How much does ProofBuddy cost?

  1. hello.
    I’m looking for a proof wordpress plugin capable to give me a list of names from selected images. With this list i will crease a lightroom filter to create my client albums.
    can proofbuddy do that?

    • Not quite sure what you’re asking.

      When a client orders, you’ll get a list of images that they ordered. Those have whatever title you put on them, typically the file name.

      There’s also a Favorites plugin that lets clients tag images and then submit their list without placing an order.

  2. Hey Ryan, I didn’t realize you replied so quickly. Thanks for that.

    I regularly use coupons and crop preview. But I also use packages (which isn’t out yet)

  3. Hi there! I’m currently upgrading my website to something more mobile and tablet friendly. came here looking for the documentation on the version of proofbuddy I’m using. I’m really happy to see you have upgraded, but I’m confused on where this leaves me…. I am still using your previous paid for version.

    Are you no longer offering online support documentation for the PAID for previous version? Are you doing anything to “grandfather in” the people that previously paid for prior versions with discounts (or complimentary upgrades) on the new version’s cost for plugins to encourage us to upgrade?

    The version I have has more features then the free version you have here and I hadn’t anticipating having to pay for proofbuddy stuff again. I need more information so I can make a decision on what I need to do with my client area.

    • The plan is to have a “pro pack” of plugins for those coming from the Pro versions of PB1 and PB2 can purchase, at a lower price than the total of the plugins, to bring the same features into PB3 that are in PB2 Pro. It’s not there yet because all of the plugins aren’t there yet. Right now we’re working on favorites which is going to be followed by digital downloads and packages. And that should fill in the missing holes.

      What features are missing that you’re needing for your site?

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