Coupons plugin updated to 1.1


Quick update for the Coupons plugin.

Main reason for the update was inconsistency in how the minimum and maximum values were working. In some cases they would actually swap with the minimum value acting as a maximum value and the max value acting as a minimum. Obviously even if it wasn’t happening every time, that was a pretty significant problem.

HTML Issues

The remove coupon icons were not working in most current browsers. Originally this plugin was using a non-standard, but very common, way of getting information when a user clicked the image to remove a coupon. Non-standard is dangerous though, and in the browser updates since Coupons originally came out the method that we were using stopped working.

A little JavaScript and it’s working again.

Coupon List

And a small change to the coupon list table in wp-admin. The minimum and maximum cart values, if defined, are shown in the table.

If you never use those values, or just don’t want to see them in the table, you can opt to not view them by clicking on the Screen Options tab on the top right of the coupon list page.

Updating or Downloading

If you are a current Coupons user you should see an update notification in the next few hours. If you don’t see it, get in touch and we’ll get you a copy.

You can also download the plugin by adding it to your cart with the button below.

Add to Cart

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