Coupons Plugin 1.2.1 Update

We’ve just released an update to our Coupons Plugin.

Auto Coupons

With the update you’ll now be able to create coupons that are automatically applied to carts depending on how much your client has ordered.

ProofBuddy Automatic Coupon

Editing a coupon with auto coupon enabled

For the screen shot above, the coupon would be automatically added to the cart when the total cart value is between $25 and $100. Outside of that range the coupon isn’t used.

If you leave the checkbox next to Auto Coupon cleared the coupon will behave as it always has.


And as always, there are a couple of bug fixes.

  • Restricting coupons to a specific album, or group of albums, was not always working.
  • Coupons were getting logged even if they didn’t remove any cost from the cart. This would cause their use counter to go up, but didn’t affect the value used.
  • Minimum and maximum values would not always save correctly.

Downloading and Upgrading

If you’re already using our coupons plugin you should see an update message in WordPress.

If not, you can purchase the plugin by clicking on this button.

Add to Cart

Or, if you’d like more information you can visit the Coupons Plugin page.

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