ProofBuddy updated to 3.0.8

Update available for download that fixes a few specific issues users have been coming across. Added pb_get_images_query filter. Right now this is unused, but will be used when available in a plugin we’re working on. Previous versions of PB will fall back to a slower method when that plugin is used. JavaScript added to the […]

ProofBuddy 3.0.7 Released

Time for a few fixes. Updates Submitted carts were showing an unfiltered total. This wasn’t causing problems for most users; but for those using plugins that filtered the cart cost, like the coupons plugin, it was a problem. Order view page now links to another page with a list table of all order contents Hover […]

ProofBuddy 3.0.5 Update

Nothing major, but there were a few minor issues we needed to clean up. Updates The add to cart shortcodes now return nothing if the image isn’t available for purchase. They’ve always done this when an image was marked “None” for pricing, but they now also do if there aren’t any pricing options set instead […]

ProofBuddy 3.0.3

ProofBuddy 3.0.3 was just uploaded and is ready for download. No major new features. This was mostly just a release to clean up a few issues that have come up since 3.0.2. Updates In some cases the built-in shortcode was getting inserted onto the top of the album page. It’s now being filtered out since […]

ProofBuddy 2.1 – Bug release 2

Just uploaded a maintenance release for ProofBuddy 2.1 – version Fixes in this release: Database creation script is now compatible with MySQL 5.5. Image scaling issues when using the Files on Server option and ImageMagick. No orders found when clicking on the Orders tab, but would show up when clicking on “All” Auto coupons […]

Update for ProofBuddy 2.1

Just pushed out an update for ProofBuddy 2.1 – new version is Download link for the latest version is Updating If you’ve already upgraded to 2.1, updating to this release is just a matter of uploading the new files on top of the old. Upgrade instructions from an earlier version are available on […]