Coupons Plugin 1.2.1 Update

We’ve just released an update to our Coupons Plugin. Auto Coupons With the update you’ll now be able to create coupons that are automatically applied to carts depending on how much your client has ordered. For the screen shot above, the coupon would be automatically added to the cart when the total cart value is […]

Coupons plugin updated to 1.1

  Quick update for the Coupons plugin. Main reason for the update was inconsistency in how the minimum and maximum values were working. In some cases they would actually swap with the minimum value acting as a maximum value and the max value acting as a minimum. Obviously even if it wasn’t happening every time, […]

Watermark Plugin updated to 1.1

Came across what turned out to be a very significant issue with the Watermark plugin. Fortunately for most users it wasn’t noticeable. Instead of watermarking the web sized image it was watermarking the full sized image. If you’re resizing the image before you upload, then you wouldn’t have noticed anything. But, if you’re uploading full […]

Favorites plugin updated to 1.0.2

Last week we pushed out an update to the Favorites plugin, but neglected to actually post about it. Updates Plugin was throwing an error for non-admin users when in /wp-admin/. For example, if you have an editor that didn’t have access rights to the Favorites sections then they would see an error. The pages for […]

Invoice Format Plugin

Just uploaded a very simple little plugin that gives you more control over the formatting of your invoice numbers. By default, ProofBuddy let’s you format your invoices by inserting a # into one of the settings fields. When the invoice number is formatted the # is replaced with the actual number. So if you leave […]