Watermark Plugin updated to 1.1

Came across what turned out to be a very significant issue with the Watermark plugin. Fortunately for most users it wasn’t noticeable.

Instead of watermarking the web sized image it was watermarking the full sized image. If you’re resizing the image before you upload, then you wouldn’t have noticed anything. But, if you’re uploading full resolution images out of your camera you might see either server timeouts or your pages just not loading as the server ran out of memory.

If you’ve purchased the watermark plugin you should get a notice inside of WordPress to prompt you to upgrade. If you don’t, get in touch and we’ll send you a copy of the update.

If you’ve been thinking about adding the watermark plugin to your site, you can add it to your cart with the button below.



Digital Downloads Plugin Now Available!

It’s been a long time coming… okay, it’s been too long coming. But our digital downloads plugin is now available for download.

You can add the plugin to your cart by clicking on the button below, but if it’s before November 15th it’s probably worth your time to head over to the main page for the plugin. There might just be a little blurb of text that could save you some money.

Small, but important update for PB 3.0.11

We just pushed out a small update to ProofBuddy.

Version 3.0.11 fixes a very small, but nagging little bug that’s been around for a while. There was an issue where logging in to an album wouldn’t always work. But it wasn’t consistent. Usually trying to login a second time would work.

What was happening is that the cookie that keeps track of logins wouldn’t always be stored for the entire domain and only store for the folder where the login script lives.

We’ve also bumped up the max supported WordPress version to 4.0. We’ve been running tests agains WP4.0 since the last beta and haven’t found any issues.

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Favorites plugin update 1.0.3

A couple of quick updates to the Favorites plugin.

First one only affects you if you have albums without passcodes. Search engines are able to crawl public albums, and are able to click on the “Add to Favorites” link. Since they don’t typically take cookies this would cause an image, often not even from the correct album, to be tagged into whatever the most recently updated favorite set was.

With this update ProofBuddy now puts a rel=nofollow tag into each of the links created – Add to Favorites, Submit Favorites, View Favorites, etc. This politely asks crawlers not to follow the link, but they sometimes still do. So the code that actually adds the favorite checks whether cookies are available and won’t add the image if they’re not.

The second fix is more trivial. Turns out we used the wrong date formatting string in the list table of favorites in /wp-admin/. Instead of minutes, the last update time used the month number. So, for example, all times for favorites that were last updated in July showed as xx:07, June xx:06, etc. That’s been fixed as well.

Downloading and Updating

If you’re already using the plugin you should be prompted to update from inside /wp-admin/ within the next few hours.

If you haven’t download the Favorites plugin yet, the new version is the one that is online.

Favorites plugin updated to 1.0.2

Last week we pushed out an update to the Favorites plugin, but neglected to actually post about it.


  • Plugin was throwing an error for non-admin users when in /wp-admin/. For example, if you have an editor that didn’t have access rights to the Favorites sections then they would see an error. The pages for the Favorites plugin are now only added to users that have the correct access rights so that this error should not show.
  • An errant commit caused the Favorites table in /wp-admin/ to always be empty. The table has been put back in so that you can view the submissions that your users send.
  • At the request of several users of the plugin you can now view, from /wp-admin/, not only favorites that have been submitted but also favorites that are in progress and have not yet been submitted.


For more information on the Favorites plugin visit our extensions section.

You can also click on the button below to add this plugin to your cart.


If you’re already using the Favorites plugin you should see a notice in your WordPress dashboard within the next 12 hours or so. If not, shoot us an email using the contact form link on the top of this site and we’ll get you set up.

Invoice Format Plugin

Just uploaded a very simple little plugin that gives you more control over the formatting of your invoice numbers.

By default, ProofBuddy let’s you format your invoices by inserting a # into one of the settings fields. When the invoice number is formatted the # is replaced with the actual number. So if you leave it at the default W-# invoice 123 will be formatted to W-123.

With this plugin you can specify a minimum length for the number. So W-#{6} will format to W-000123 (minimum of 6 numbers).

You can also use the date formatting strings from the PHP strftime function to add time or date information about the invoice to the invoice number. Although, depending on your server some of those may not work.

And you can just leave it the way it is. The # without an {n} behind it will still work the same way it always has, although there’s no point to installing this plugin if that’s what you want to do.

It’s a free plugin, although you do need to be running at least ProofBuddy 3.0.10 for it to work.

Free Download

ProofBuddy 3.0.10 Released

Just updated ProofBuddy to 3.0.10.


  • Enhancement: If your theme has multiple page templates you can now select which one ProofBuddy uses
  • Enhancement: Added an Empty Trash button to the image view page when viewing the trash
  • Enhancement: Add / edit pricing line items moved to a meta box to simplify that options page and to also allow for more pricing options down the road.
  • Enhancement: Settings page now returns to the same tab after saving
  • Enhancement: Added filter for invoice formatting. This will allow for plugins to alter how the invoice numbers are displayed.
  • Enhancement: Added shortcode for the count of items in the cart
  • Enhancement: Add-ons page is paginated and highlights add-ons that have been either added or updated recently
  • Fix: Option to change how many images showed per page on the admin image page list was not working.
  • Fix: Admin fields with data format posint not working correctly
  • Fix: CSS fix for the shipping meta box. Before there was a slight blip when switching to the meta.
  • 3rd Party: phpExcel library updated to 1.8.0

Download / Update

If you’re already using ProofBuddy you should see a prompt to allow you to upgrade.

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