Author: Ryan

DIY Soft Focus Lens

Sometimes you need a shot that’s a bit different and look to a distortional focus lens. Even though there are others, you are probably most familiar with the Lensbaby line. And while the images coming from Lensbaby lenses can be spectacular, sometimes even the $100 or so for their cheaper models can be too much if […]

ProofBuddy updated to 3.1.4

Seems like a waste of a really good version to use on just a simple bug release. But here we are. ProofBuddy has been updated to version 3.1.4. Updates Default to no_height on the full image template. This won’t affect you if you are upgrading, but will make the template more responsive friendly for new […]

Coupons Plugin 1.2.1 Update

We’ve just released an update to our Coupons Plugin. Auto Coupons With the update you’ll now be able to create coupons that are automatically applied to carts depending on how much your client has ordered. For the screen shot above, the coupon would be automatically added to the cart when the total cart value is […]

Coupons plugin updated to 1.1

  Quick update for the Coupons plugin. Main reason for the update was inconsistency in how the minimum and maximum values were working. In some cases they would actually swap with the minimum value acting as a maximum value and the max value acting as a minimum. Obviously even if it wasn’t happening every time, […]

5 things to do with your new camera

Do you have a shiny new camera in your hands? Digital Photography School has a list of 5 experiments to do to get to know your new toy camera. Most interesting to me was this one. White Balance can be trickiest when there is more than one light source and it’s helpful to know which way […]

How to Schedule WordPress Posts

There’s a little known feature in WordPress that you’ve probably seen, just never noticed. But with a little work, the ability the schedule WordPress posts can make your website appear much more active without much effort on your part. Why Schedule WordPress Posts? Let’s start with this one. Why wouldn’t you just always hit post […]

ProofBuddy 3.1 Update

It’s way past due for an upgrade to the main ProofBuddy plugin. But that time is now. We’re pushing out version 3.1 New Features Image Specific Pricing My guess is that for most users this will be the most welcome change. Don’t have the analytics in front of me, but I’m thinking that this is […]