ProofBuddy is used by professional photographers around the world to allow their clients to view and order prints online.

After installing, you'll have a fully functional proofing site, ready to show your proofs and take orders from your clients. If you're ready to customize, you can extend ProofBuddy and make it work exactly how you want.


If you're ready to download and give ProofBuddy a go, head over to our download page and get your free copy.

WordPress Plugin

Since ProofBuddy is a standard WordPress plugin it should drop right into your existing site with minimal configuration.

Theme Agnostic

We've done everything we can to make ProofBuddy work with as many WordPress themes as possible. Part of our testing involves trying out as many of the popular themes as we can get our hands on and making sure that ProofBuddy looks great.


Every page that ProofBuddy displays is built using a series of page templates that you can edit from inside of WordPress. Don't like how a page looks? Customization is just a couple of clicks and a bit of typing away.

The pages also use a series of shortcodes, so customizing should feel just like working with any other WordPress pages.

Add Ons

Does ProofBuddy not do what you need out of the box? Take a look at our ever growing list of extensions.

And if you have something you want ProofBuddy to do that it can't even with the plugins, let us know. Most of our best ideas come from users.

Payment Gateways

Currently ProofBuddy works with either PayPal or Stripe. We'd like to add more gateways. We just don't know what you're using. So if there's an online payment gateway that you'd like to use, get in touch and we'll see if it's something we can make happen.


The ProofBuddy Documentation is a continually growing section of this site, and is something that will probably never be totally complete. But if you're looking for how to do something with ProofBuddy, it's the best place to start.


We've recently rebooted our support forum. It's pretty light right now, but we're working on getting it built back up. Our feeling is that a support forum is a great resource for everyone because someone else might have already had the problem you're having and the solution may just be a bit of reading away.

If the forum doesn't work for you, we also have a contact form for any other questions.


Now that you've read the highlights, we didn't want you to have to scroll all the way back to the top of the page to download ProofBuddy, so we put a link down here too.